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Phylogeography: The History and Formation of Species - John C. Avise
Phylogeography is a discipline concerned with various relationships between gene genealogies--phylogenetics--and geography. The word "phylogeography" was coined in 1987, and since then the scientific literature has reflected an exploding interest in the topic. Yet, to date, no book-length treatment of this emerging field has appeared. "Phylogeography: The History and Formation of Species" fills that gap. The study of phylogeography grew out of the observation that mitochondrial DNA lineages in
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Vibration with Control - Daniel J. Inman
Engineers are becoming increasingly aware of the problems caused by vibration in engineering design, particularly in the areas of structural health monitoring and smart structures. Vibration is a constant problem as it can impair performance and lead to fatigue, damage and the failure of a structure. Control of vibration is a key factor in preventing such detrimental results.This book presents a homogenous treatment of vibration by including those factors from control that are relevant to
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Coming Into Focus: A Step-by-Step Guide to Alternative Photographic Printing Processes - John Barnier
The only comprehensive, how-to guide to antique and contemporary photo processes, from daguerreotype to digital, Coming Into Focus is the essential reference for the amateur and professional photographer. The mysterious and beautiful processes used by historic and modern art photographers—many of which don't require a formal darkroom—are revealed here in simple, step-by-step instructions and photographic illustrations by internationally recognized experts, with each method carefully reviewed
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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis - Kevin P. Menard
This introduction provides the chemist, chemical engineer, or materials scientist with a starting point from which to understand the applications of dynamic mechanical analysis, its workings, and its advantages and limits. Chapters discuss rheological concepts, data quality assurance, and experimental techniques and considerations. Other topics include test methods, such as frequency sweeps and time-temperature curves, as well as simple and complex data analysis.
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Practical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance - Cornelius Scheffer
Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance provides a detailed examination of the detection, location and diagnosis of faults in rotating and reciprocating machinery using vibration analysis. The basics and underlying physics of vibration signals are first examined. The acquisition and processing of signals is then reviewed followed by a discussion of machinery fault diagnosis using vibration analysis. Hereafter the important issue of rectifying faults that have been identified
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Human Body - Steve Parker
Focusing on contemporary and historical developments in the study of the human body, this book features clear, expertly written text, color and black-and-white photos, charts, graphics, and 3-D models--all of which combine to make complex scientific concepts easy to understand. Includes 8 pages of new text.