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The Power of Trees - Gretchen Daily, Gretchen Daily
Intimate in size yet quietly breathtaking in scope, this graceful gift book will forever change how you think, and how you feel, about trees. In poetically sparse scientific observations, renowned conservation biologist Gretchen Daily narrates the evolution, impact, and natural wonder of trees. Alongside photographs by Chuck Katz, the text and images form a quiet and moving meditation on The Power of Trees . Twenty-six duotone black and white photographs illustrate the development of
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Mathematik-Vorkurs: Ubungs- Und Arbeitsbuch Fur Studienanfanger - Wolfgang Schafer, Kurt Georgi, Gisela Trippler
Das vorliegende Ubungs- und Arbeitsbuch dient der Vorbereitung auf die Mathe matik-Grundausbildung an Hochschulen im weitesten Sinne. Dabei stehen natur-, ingenieur-und wirtschafts wissenschaftliche Studiengange im Mittelpunkt. Es wendet sich sowohl an jene Leser, die sich fruhzeitig entschlossen haben, ein mathematikintensives Studium zu beginnen, als auch an alle, die schon studieren und nun merken, was ihnen an Mathematikkenntnissen fehlt, und die das Fehlende mog lichst schnell nachholen
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Van Der Waals Forces: A Handbook for Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, and Physicists - V. Adrian Parsegian
This should prove to be the definitive work explaining van der Waals forces, how to calculate them and take account of their impact under any circumstances and conditions. These weak intermolecular forces are of truly pervasive impact, and biologists, chemists, physicists, and engineers will profit greatly from the thorough grounding in these fundamental forces. Parsegian has organized his book at three successive levels of mathematical sophistication, to satisfy the needs and interests of
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The Orgasmic Diet: A Revolutionary Plan to Lift Your Libido and Bring You to Orgasm - Marrena Lindberg
For the millions of women unable to reach orgasm, or for those who want to improve their sex lives, here is an easy-to-follow diet and exercise plan to bring women to orgasm for the first time … and every time they have sex. In January, 2006, Elle magazine ran the feature “Happy Ending,” introducing Marrena Lindberg as the creator of The Orgasmic Diet. In this book, Lindberg offers a groundbreaking nutrition and exercise program designed to regulate a woman’s brain chemistry and body
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Repetitorium Der Physik - Fritz Kurt Kneubühl
Mit den bisherigen drei Auflagen hat sich das Repetitorium der Physik bewahrt als Basis des allgemeinen Physikunterrichts an Hochschulen sowie als Handbuch in Idustrie, an Universitaten, Technischen Hochschulen und Fachhochschulen. Dies bestatigt die russische Ubersetzung dieses Buches, welche 1981 von einem Moskauer Verlag in grosser Auflage erstellt und verbreitet wurde. Es wurde verfasst aufgrund langjahriger Erfahrung im propadeutischen Physikunterricht fur Physiker, Mathematiker, Elektro
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Lehrbuch der Analysis, Teil 1 - Dr Rer Nat Harro Heuser
Dieses Buch ist der erste Teil eines zweibandigen Werkes uber Analysis. Es ist aus Vorlesungen, Ubungen und Seminaren erwachsen, die ich mehrfach an den Universitaten Mainz und Karlsruhe gehalten habe, und so angelegt, dass es auch zum Selbststudium dienen kann. Ich widerstehe der Versuchung, dem Studenten, der jetzt dieses Vorwort liest, ausfuhrlich die Themen zu beschreiben, die ihn erwarten; denn dazu musste ich Worte gebrauchen, die er doch erst nach der Lekture des Buches verstehen
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Olaf Nicolai - Susanne Pfleger, Olaf Nicolai
In his artistic oeuvre, Olaf Nicolai questions the processes of perception in order to elicit a different kind of reception. "Questions of form, moods, attitudes and style are not just vain play with surfaces. They are questions of organizational forms of activities," he writes in his essay "Show Case. In his works, Nicolai displays attitudes and styles, combining and collecting them. He integrates both classical artistic techniques and collecting, the securing of evidence and archiving as the
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Mechanics of Composite Structures - L. Peter Kollar, George S. Springer
A greater use of composite materials in many areas of engineering has led to a greater demand for engineers versed in the design of structures made from such materials. This text offers students and engineers tools for designing practical composite structures. Among the topics of interest to the designer are stress-strain relationships for a wide range of anisotropic materials; bending, buckling, and vibration of plates; bending, torsion, buckling, and vibration of solid as well as thin-walled
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The Search for Solutions - Horace Freeland Judson
Scientists are building explanatory structures, telling stories which are scrupulously tested to see if they are stories about real life. Because of new information, we change the ways in which we view the world. We are not so much the center of things any more, because of science. We feel lost, or at least not yet found. We are not as informed about our role in the universe as we thought we were a few centuries ago. Is it an issue, or a puzzle, or a conundrum, or an obstacle, or a recipe?