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Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics - Michael Moran, Howard Shapiro, Daisie D. Boettner, Margaret Bailey
This leading text in the field maintains its engaging, readable style while presenting a broader range of applicationsthat motivate engineers to learn the core thermodynamics concepts.Two new coauthors help update the material and integrate engaging, new problems. Throughout the chapters, they focus on the relevanceof thermodynamics to modern engineering problems. Many relevantengineering based situations are also presented to help engineersmodel and solve these problems.
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Green Building and Leed Core Concepts - Usgbc Usgbc
The second edition of this outstanding reference provides a solid foundation for the study of green building and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It explains many of the important tenets of green building while providing strategies for implementation and specific case studies designed to broaden your knowledge of green building. "Green Building and LEED Core Concepts" is an excellent resource in preparing for the Green Building Certification Institute's (GBCI) LEED Green
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Genes: A Philosophical Inquiry - Gordon Graham
It's all in the genes. Is this true, and if so, what is all in the genes? Genes: A Philosophical Inquiry is an informative guide to this debtable topic. Beginning with an overview of the relationship between science and technology, Gordon Graham lucidly explains and assesses the most important and controversial aspects of the genes debate: Darwinian theory and its critics, the idea of the selfish gene, evolutionary psychology, memes, genetic screening and modification, including the risks of
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Beyond Genetics: The User's Guide to DNA - Glenn McGee
Genetic science is about to radically alter our lives. Sooner than you can imagine, human beings will be capable of diagnosing their own illnesses, designating the sex of their children, even designing the food they eat -- all as easily as using a cell phone. Now is the time for every one of us to take control of our DNA, and one man is uniquely qualified to show us how: Glenn McGee, bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania, pioneer in the study of "home genetics," and the acknowledged
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USGBC LEED Green Associate - US Green Building Council
The only LEED Professional Study Guide approved by USGBC, this text is designed to help readers pass the Green Associate exam, certifying their knowledge of the green industry's preeminent standards: the first step in becoming a LEED Professional. In an easy-to-review format, it pulls together all the critical points readers need to know about green building. It provides many flexible study tools, including individual and group learning activities, as well as review and practice questions
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The Chemistry of Soils - Garrison Sposito
There have been many advances in soil chemistry since Oxford published the first edition of The Chemistry of Soils in 1989. The physical-chemistry approach to soil chemistry taken in the book, groundbreaking for its time, has been adopted by nearly every soil chemistry book published since. This book offers a thorough update of all topics covered in the previous edition. In the last 16 years, soil chemistry as a discipline has assumed major significance in connection with global climate change.
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Engineering Mechanics, Volume 1, Statics - J.L. Meriam, L.G. Kraige
This concise and authoritative book emphasizes basic principles and problem formulation. It illustrates both the cohesiveness of the relatively few fundamental ideas in this area and the great variety of problems these ideas solve. All of the problems address principles and procedures inherent in the design and analysis of engineering structures and mechanical systems, with many of the problems referring explicitly to design considerations.Sample problems are presented in a single page format
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Encyclopedia of Microbiology - Moselio Schaechter
Available as an exclusive product with a limited print run, "Encyclopedia of Microbiology, 3e, " is a comprehensive survey of microbiology, edited by world-class researchers. Each article is written by an expert in that specific domain and includes a glossary, list of abbreviations, defining statement, introduction, further reading and cross-references to other related encyclopedia articles. Written at a level suitable for university undergraduates, the breadth and depth of coverage will appeal