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Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5: Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part 7: Military technology: the gunpowder epic - Joseph Needham, Lu Gwei-Djen, Ho Ping-Yu
The Gunpowder Epic is one of three planned publications on military technology within Dr Needham's immense undertaking. The discovery of gunpowder in China by the 9th century AD was followed by its rapid applications. It is now clear that the whole development from bombs and grenades to the invention of the metal-barrel hand gun took place in the Chinese culture area before Europeans had any knowledge of the mixture itself. Uses in civil engineering and mechanical engineering were equally
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Genes VIII - Benjamin Lewin
For courses in Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, and Gene Regulation. Two decades ago Benjamin Lewin's Genes revolutionized the teaching of molecular biology and molecular genetics by introducing a unified approach to bacteria and higher organisms. Genes has remained at the cutting edge of molecular biology, covering gene structure, organization, and expression. Originally the text opened with the genetic code and worked toward genome structure. Genes VIII changed the approach to begin
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The Chunnel: The Amazing Story of the Undersea Crossing of the English Channel - Drew Fetherston
For centuries, men and women dreamed of a direct link between England and the Continent. Drew Fetherston's epic chronicle of the Channel Tunnel is the story of these dreamers and of the men and women who finally made the dream a reality. Conceived by hard-headed businessmen and intended to make money, the tunnel project became a fiscal disaster. Fetherston's book is a fascinating business narrative of high risk and high finance, of culture clashes and reckless blunders. But the tunnel was also
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Stuff: Materials World - Ivan Amato
The way our world is, how it got there and where it's going, is a direct result of the stuff we make other stuff out of: the metals, composites, ceramics, plastics and semi-conductors found in every man-made thing around us. From antique china to airplanes, transistor radios and supercomputers--from the Stone Age to the Electronics Age and far beyond--science writer Ivan Amato takes us ona remarkable journey through a breathtaking universe of enlightenment and challenge; revealing the secrets,
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Sass and Compass for Designers - Ben Frain
A step-by-step tutorial guide, taking you through how to build a responsive Sass and Compass powered website.If you understand HTML and CSS, this book is all you need to take your code to the next level with Sass and Compass. No prior understanding of CSS preprocessors or programming conventions is needed.
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Pro AngularJS - Adam Freeman
AngularJS is the leading framework for building dynamic JavaScript applications that take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers and devices. AngularJS, which is maintained by Google, brings the power of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern to the client, providing the foundation for complex and rich web apps. It allows you to build applications that are smaller, faster, and with a lighter resource footprint than ever before. Best-selling author Adam Freeman explains how to get
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Information and Living Systems: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives - George Terzis, Robert Arp
Information shapes biological organization in fundamental ways and at every organizational level. Because organisms use information--including DNA codes, gene expression, and chemical signaling--to construct, maintain, repair, and replicate themselves, it would seem only natural to use information-related ideas in our attempts to understand the general nature of living systems, the causality by which they operate, the difference between living and inanimate matter, and the emergence, in some