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The Racing Driver - Denis Jenkinson
Denis Jenkinson's classic "The Racing Driver" was first published in 1959 and has remained a must-have for any racing library. Over thirty years later this book is highly valued for its historical perspective and views into the personalities of men who today seem larger than life. Jenkinson is the only person who covered thousands of miles as a racing passenger with the most famous Grand Prix drivers of the fifties, including Stirling Moss, Juan Manual Fangio, and Mike Hawthorn. This new
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Lewin's Genes X - Jocelyn E. Krebs
The Fields Of Molecular Biology And Molecular Genetics Is Rapidly Changing With New Data Acquired Daily And New Insights Into Well-Studied Processes Presented On A Scale Of Weeks Or Months Rather Than Years. For Decades Lewin's GENES Has Provided The Teaching Community With The Most Cutting Edge Presentation Of Molecular Biology And Molecular Genetics, Covering Gene Structure, Sequencing, Organization, And Expression. The Latest Edition, With A Knowledgeable New Author Team, Has Enlisted 21
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Biochemistry [with CD-ROM] - Christopher K. Mathews, Kensal E. Van Holde, Kevin G. Ahern
Biochemistry,Third Edition merges a classical organization and presentation with contemporary insight, information, and technology, to make modern biochemistry interesting and accessible to today's students. Thoroughly updated to include the latest information, perspectives, and experimental techniques, the text is now supported by integrated media resources designed by the co-author Kevin Ahern. Together, the text and media resources provide students and instructors with a doorway to the vast
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iGenetics: A Molecular Approach - Peter J. Russell
With its modern chapter organization and new “Focus on Genomics” boxes, iGenetics: A Molecular Approach reflects the increasing molecular emphasis in today’s experimental study of genes while helping readers develop problem-solving skills and an appreciation for classic experiments. Although molecular topics are presented first, instructors can assign the chapters in any sequence. Pedagogical features such as chapter-opening “Key Questions” and strategically placed “Keynotes” help readers to
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Antennas for All Applications - John Daniel Kraus
Designed to be user-friendly for students and professionals, this text covers the fundamentals of various antennas and concepts, and then gets into more details on the same topics. This allows a one-semester course to just cover the fundamentals if desired, and a professional to focus on advanced topics if he or she wants.
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Dna Replication - Arthur Kornberg, Tania A. Baker
The second edition of thes work has been completely revised to reflect current research and interpretations. Arthur Kornberg and his coauthor Tania A. Baker have created a second edition that provides the reader with up-to-date coverage of DNA replicaiton and related cellular processes - including summaries of recent work on replication in eukaryotes and bacteria.
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Soft Science of Roadracing Motorcycles: The Technical Procedures and Workbook for Roadracing Motorcycles - Keith Code
At last, an actual workbook for the road racer and sport rider that details the process of high speed thought. Hundreds of questions aimed at solving the barriers of speed allow you to dissect your riding and pinpoint problem areas. This book elevates road racing into its proper place among the most demanding sports in the world. Here, the dynamic relationship between the rider and road is defined and ordered into a useable form.
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Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology with Essentials of Interactive Physiology CD-ROM [With Essentials of Interactive Physiology CD-ROM] - Elaine Nicpon Marieb
Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology continues to set the standard for short-course A&P texts with an enhanced media package and new "active learning" features that help allied health students better visualize and understand the structure and function of the human body. While many authors merely condense a two-semester text to meet a one-semester need, Elaine Marieb carefully selects a range of material that proves just right for the shorter course. New information on hot topics