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The Porphyrin Handbook Volume 10 - Roger Guilard, Karl Kadish, Kevin M. Smith
Scientists in such fields as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and medicine are currently involved in investigations of porphyrins and their numerous analogues and derivatives. Porphyrins are being used as platforms for the study of theoretical principles, as catalysts, as drugs, as electronic devices, and as spectroscopic probes in biology and medicine. The need for an up-to-date and authoritative treatise on the porphyrin system has met with universal acclaim amongst
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Physics For Scientists And Engineers 2e, Volume I (Physics For Scientists & Engineers With Modern Physics) - Richard Wolfson
Physics for Scientists and Engineers explains fundamental physical laws clearly and concisely. But more than that, it links these laws to natural phenomena and familiar technological applications to give you a deeper understanding of the physical universe and of modern technology. You'll gain a greater sense of the underlying simplicity and elegance of physics, enhance your problem-solving skills, and be equipped to succeed in your calculus-based physics course.
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Atomic and Molecular Clusters - Roy L. Johnston
Cluster physics is the foundation of the increasingly important field of nanotechnology. Clusters, ranging in size from a few to many millions of atoms, constitute a fascinating field of research in physics, chemistry and materials science. They are formed by most of the elements of the Periodic Table, and the types of bonding and the resultant clusters are equally as varied. This book introduces atomic clusters, ranging from weakly-bonded clusters of argon to strongly-bonded carbon clusters
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Calculus - James Stewart
This edition of James Stewart's best-selling calculus book has been revised with the consistent dedication to excellence that has characterized all his books. Stewart's Calculus is successful throughout the world because he explains the material in a way that makes sense to a wide variety of readers. His explanations make ideas come alive, and his problems challenge, to reveal the beauty of calculus. Stewart's examples stand out because they are not just models for problem solving or a means of
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Chemoinformatics - Johann Gasteiger
This first work to be devoted entirely to this increasingly important field, the "Textbook" provides both an in-depth and comprehensive overview of this exciting new area. Edited by Johann Gasteiger and Thomas Engel, the book provides an introduction to the representation of molecular structures and reactions, data types and databases/data sources, search methods, methods for data analysis as well as such applications as structure elucidation, reaction simulation, synthesis planning and drug
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Surface Analytical Techniques for Probing Biomaterial Processes - John Davies
Surface Analytical Techniques for Probing Biomaterial Processes describes four surface analytical techniques for probing dynamic, in situ processes at the biomaterial interface. The book presents the theoretical basis and biomaterial applications of: Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TIRFS) Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Ellipsometry Dynamic Contact Angle (DCA) analysis This book is not a review, but a practical description of the techniques to enable the biomaterialist to
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A Gebra Named Al: A Novel - Wendy Isdell
Julie hates algebra—until she meets a gebra named Al. In this Student Book, Julie, Al, and the Periodic horses journey through the Land of Mathematics, where the Orders of Operations are real places and fruits that look like Bohr models grow on chemistrees. Wonderfully written and a joy to read, it's full of math and science basics made fun and accessible.
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Geochemistry - Arthur H. Brownlow
For one/two-semester, junior/graduate-level courses in geochemistry. This text covers the entire field of geochemistry -- assuming very little chemical and mathematical background on the part of students. It uses a blend of theory, laboratory, and field studies to show how geochemical principles can be used to solve specific geologic problems, and features many detailed examples of the application of geochemical principles to the study of natural waters, soil, and sedimentary, igneous, and