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Multivariable Feedback Control: Analysis and Design - Sigurd Skogestad
Multivariable Feedback Control: Analysis and Design, Second Edition presents a rigorous, yet easily readable, introduction to the analysis and design of robust multivariable control systems. Focusing on practical feedback control and not on system theory in general, this book provides the reader with insights into the opportunities and limitations of feedback control. Taking into account the latest developments in the field, this fully revised and updated second edition: * features a new
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Grumman X-29: Expanding Aerodynamic Stability (The X-Plane Series Book 3) - John T. Bosworth, Jeffrey E. Bauer, Robert Clarke, John J. Burken, Jonathon Clarke
The Grumman X-29 was an experimental aircraft that tested a forward-swept wing, canard control surfaces, and other novel aircraft technologies. The aerodynamic instability of this arrangement increased agility but required the use of computerized fly-by-wire control. Composite materials were used to control the aeroelastic divergent twisting experienced by forward-swept wings, also reducing the weight. Developed by Grumman, the X-29 first flew in 1984; two X-29s were flight tested over the next
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Physics for Game Programmers - Grant Palmer
"Physics for Game Programmers" shows you how to infuse compelling and realistic action into game programming even if you dont have a college-level physics background! Author Grant Palmer covers basic physics and mathematical models and then shows how to implement them, to simulate motion and behavior of cars, planes, projectiles, rockets, and boats. This book is neither code heavy nor language specific, and all chapters include unique, challenging exercises for you to solve. This unique book
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Sweeping Forward: Developing & Flight Testing the Grumman X-29A Forward Swept Wing Research Aircraft - NASA
Aircraft design, more than many other disciplines, exemplifies the phrase “form follows function.” The laws of physics demand it. Aeronautical designers have always reached forward, stretching capabilities as far as the constraints of gravity and the limits of materials would allow their genius to probe. The emerging computer flight control and composite structures revolutions of the 1970s promised designers access to a hitherto impossible dream: a forward sweptwing (FSW) fighter with enhanced
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Captured Eagles: Secrets of the Luftwaffe (General Aviation) - Frederick A. Johnsen
In Captured Eagles, Frederick A. Johnsen lays bare the once secret history of the American effort to understand and counter the Luftwaffe before and during World War II, and afterward to seize and exploit German technological advances in everything from jet fighters and bombers to ballistic missiles. Even before World War II, U.S. Army Air Force commanders were gravely concerned about the technological lead that German aviation seemed to hold. Once America entered the war, they were desperate
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USAF Jet Powered Fighters: XP-59 - Xf-85 - Hugh Harkins
A detailed description of the early jet powered fighters designed, tested and procured for the United States Air Force. This volume covers every turbojet powered fighter aircraft to enter service or be developed for the United States Air Force and its forebear the United States Army Air Force from the Bell XP-59, which flew in 1942 to the McDonnell XF-85 which flew in 1948. While no US designed jet aircraft saw operational service during World War II, many would be employed in the 1950 - 53
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Hitler's Jet Plane: The ME 262 Story - Mano Ziegler
The first operational military jet in the world, towards the end of the Second World War the ME 262 was to be the German "miracle weapon". Mano Ziegler was involved from its inception and contributed to the design, testing, training and even served in it operationally. Could the ME 262 have broken the Allied supremacy in the air? Why did it take so long to come into service and why were hundreds of German pilots sacrificed in developing it? Why did the ME 262 prove not to be the unparalleled
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Andy Grove: The Life and Times of an American - Richard S. Tedlow, Andy Grove
The definitive biography of an enigmatic business legend Andy Grove, the CEO of Intel during its years of explosive growth, is on the shortlist of America�s most admired businesspeople, along with Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates. Brilliant, brave, and willing to defy conventional wisdom, Grove is, according to Harvard Business School professor Richard S. Tedlow, �the best model we have for leading a business in the twenty-first century.� Grove gave Tedlow unprecedented access to