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Essential Skills for the Agile Developer: A Guide to Better Programming and Design: A Guide for Implementing Lean-Agile Software Development in Your Organization (Net Objectives Lean-Agile) - Alan Shalloway, Scott L. Bain
Agile has become today's dominant software development paradigm, but agile methods remain difficult to measure and improve. "Essential Skills for the Agile Developer"fills this gap from the bottom up, teaching proven techniques for assessing and optimizing both individual and team agile practices. Written by four principals of Net Objectives--one of the world's leading agile training and consulting firms--this book reflects their unsurpassed experience helping organizations transition to agile.
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Networking and Online Games: Understanding and Engineering Multiplayer Internet Games - Grenville Armitage
The computer game industry is clearly growing in the direction of multiplayer, online games. Understanding the demands of games on IP (Internet Protocol) networks is essential for ISP (Internet Service Provider) engineers to develop appropriate IP services. Correspondingly, knowledge of the underlying network's capabilities is vital for game developers."Networking and Online Games" concisely draws together and illustrates the overlapping and interacting technical concerns of these sectors. The
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Hdbk of Virtual Humans - Magnenat-T, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Magnenat-T
Virtual Humans are becoming more and more popular and used in many applications such as the entertainment industry (in both film and games) and medical applications. This comprehensive book covers all areas of this growing industry including face and body motion, body modelling, hair simulation, expressive speech simulation and facial communication, interaction with 3D objects, rendering skin and clothes and the standards for Virtual Humans. Written by a team of current and former researchers
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Satisficing Games and Decision Making: With Applications to Engineering and Computer Science - Wynn C. Stirling
We constantly make decisions which are simply "good enough" rather than optimal--a type of decision for which Wynn Stirling has adopted the word "satisficing." Most computer decision making algorithms, however, seek only the optimal solution based on rigid criteria and reject others. Outlining an alternative approach, this book uses novel algorithms and techniques to more closely model the way humans make decisions. It is, therefore, of interest to engineers, computer scientists and
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Principles and Practices of Interconnection Networks - William James Dally
One of the greatest challenges faced by designers of digital systems is optimizing the communication and interconnection between system components. Interconnection networks offer an attractive and economical solution to this communication crisis and are fast becoming pervasive in digital systems. Current trends suggest that this communication bottleneck will be even more problematic when designing future generations of machines. Consequently, the anatomy of an interconnection network router and
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Fundamentals of Error-Correcting Codes - W. Cary Huffman, Vera Pless
Fundamentals of Error Correcting Codes is an in-depth introduction to coding theory from both an engineering and mathematical viewpoint. It reviews classical topics, and gives much coverage of recent techniques which could previously only be found in specialist publications. Numerous exercises and examples and an accessible writing style make this a lucid and effective introduction to coding theory for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and engineers - whether approaching
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The Humane Interface: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems - Jef Raskin
Deep thinking is rare in this field where most companies are glad to copy designs that were great back in the 1970s. The Humane Interface is a gourmet dish from a master chef. Five mice! --Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group Author of Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity This unique guide to interactive system design reflects the experience and vision of Jef Raskin, the creator of the Apple Macintosh. Other books may show how to use todays widgets and interface ideas effectively.
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Software Engineering and Computer Games - Rudy Rucker
"This book should be a requirement of anyone that wants to write games - period" Andre Lamothe, author and CEO of Xtreme Games There are many books on the art of games programming but now acclaimed author Rudy Rucker has gone a step beyond and transformed it into a science. Software Engineering and Computer Games uses an object-oriented (OO) approach throughout, incorporating UML for OO analysis and design and discussing software patterns and how to incorporate them into the design process.